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Our Mission

To build value by creating advanced instruments enabling translation from proof-of-concept to profitable technology.

Who We Are

​We are an engineering team focused on developing innovative solutions for the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. Our product lines include the following:

MITO PRO 3D Bioprinter


Used for research in replicating tissue environments



Sterile hydrogels in order to support and nourish cells in 3D

LiquidXpert Dispensing System

Liquid Handling

Automate workflows normally performed by manual pipetting

Quality Engineering

We spend significant time designing and testing all of our components to ensure we achieve high precision and durability.

Quick Support

We ask the relevant questions in each research problem,and help identify the specifications best suited to the task. This makes our instrument recommendation the best for research!

Solution Focused

Instruments may not work flawlessly, but our support team's response often is!
They assess the issue, once that is done follow up with the required spares shipments and software updates to minimize research down time.

Why Us?
Avay BTS Stall Image


We worked with Avay to develop a unique silicone 3D printer and have access to vast capabilities for approaching our research thesis

Dr Abhijit Deshpande

IIT Madras

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Drop by.
We love showing demos.

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