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Cells Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering Goals

Our Mission

To grow and provide artificially grown tissues for testing New Chemicals Entities (NCEs) with better data and insights instead of animal models.


Common testing requirements include liver, heart, lungs and pancreas.

Cell Cross Sections

Cell Types


Cultivate different types of cells - classified as immortal cell lines or human primary cells



Material Science

Provide cells a base for growing on, usually polymers to recreate the extracellular matrix (ECM) that cells grow in




Use a bioprinter or other special instruments to make a 3D pattern resembling tissue within the human body

Heart Bioprinting



Grow cells in layers that resemble a mini-organ and function similarly.

Lab Experiments

Drug Testing & Toxicology

Research into drug discovery is difficult because of the requirement to validate if the drug works on in-vitro cell cultures and animals.

With 3D scaffolds and organoids, we can effectively perform high-throughput screening and reduce the time taken to get to Phase I of Clinical Trials with better data. Our medical community deserves better, 21st-century tools and capabilities to fight the plethora of new diseases and ailments that humankind discovers.​

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