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Embryonic Stem Cells


3D Bioprinting involves making polymer-based scaffolds with cells included. These biomaterials have the ability to mimic the cell's natural environment (ECM) by carefully controlling their viscosity and mechanical properties.

Bioinks are materials engineered to mimic a specific cell ECM, and is part of the solution that provides Cell-Compatible Scaffolds. These scaffolds are usually temporary to nurture living cells.

Our Materials for 3D


Start your journey in 3D cell cultures with Avay's standardized and sterilized biomaterial range

Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA)

Made from a choice of porcine or bovine gelatin, obtain strong print scaffolds capable of supporting liver and bone cells

Gelatin Bioprinting
Osteoblasts after Bioprinting

Osteoblast Growth

Sodium Alginate
Widely used because of easy handling, strong builds and high porosity allowing cell penetration
Avay Software Image of Artery Bioprinting
Alginate Bioprinting in Artery Shape
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