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Cell-specific biocompatible gels

3D Bioprinting is not restricted to just polymers, but is versatile enough to print scaffolds with cells included that have their Viscosity and Structural qualities customized to each cell-type's requirements. This approach towards medicine needs to start with the Customer's requirements and needs, a solution that provides Cell-Compatible Scaffolds is critical.

Bioinks are materials engineered to print artificial living tissues used during bioprinting. And they temporarily or permanently support and nurture living cells. They are broadly split into the following categories i.e. 


Structural - These inks are used to create frameworks or supports for the structure.


Sacrificial - These inks are aimed as supporting structures during the printing process but are later removed or consumed by the cells to be replaced by their own materials

Functional - These inks are used to guide a specific function like cellular growth, development and differentiation.

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